Sorry is not enough, sometimes you actually have to change


Sorry is not enough, sometimes you actually have to change

The best way to truly be sorry is to change. 

Sorry is enough when actions match words.

Anybody can change for the better if that person wants change. ~ Walter Caston 

Some people just don’t get it. After a while sorry don’t mean anything. ~ Michelle Rodman 

Don’t say sorry unless you really mean it.

Some people also need to learn the basic courtesy of actually saying “I’m sorry.” ~ Denise Lewis 

When someone says sorry and constantly repeats the same things intended. No forgiveness for such persons.

People think that “I’m sorry” fixes everything when they have made the same mistake like a million times. At some point we all have to change it or get out of the way so someone else can. ~ Adam Livingston 

Change is a must if you want to have a better relationship with your spouse or any kind of relationships with others. ~ Jorge Lopez 

Admitting that you are sorry is the first step to forgiveness of others and yourself. ~ Leah Flor 

When you say your sorry to someone for your indiscretions that means you won’t do it again, or it doesn’t count. Sorry means not doing it again. ~ Donna Pate 

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