Speak the Truth! Even if your voice shakes


Speak the Truth, even if your voice shakes

The truth shall set you free.

My voice never shakes! I like it when they can’t handle the truth. ~ Chris Stallins 

I have always spoke truth even while the tears have been running down my cheeks. As a result I have gained quite few enemies but stayed truthful to myself to the end. ~ Mahnaz Chahardehi 

I remember doing this with my sister. I didn’t want to hurt her, but neither do I want somebody around me pretending to be nice, then go and call me horrible things behind my back. So I had to tell her to go. My voice was shaking, but I am worth being around those who truly love and care about me. ~ Linda Ford 

As I look around at the people I have known, including myself, I’ve come to believe the hardest to be truthful with is ones self. ~ Amy Jagger 

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