Spending the rest of your life with someone


Spending the rest of your life with someone

You see this when you go into a restaurant and an elderly (or younger) couple are sitting across each other looking bored and depressed. They aren’t even talking to each other or looking at each other. ~ Victoria Mack 

Men or women should not be pressured into getting married because “everyone should.” Following that, well meaning family and friends would pressure the couple to have a child, because “everyone should have children” and “only children can complete a family.” If the marriage is incompatible and the relationship is really strained, well meaning family and friends would say, “stay together for the sake of family.” And who says that couples should get married? ~ Melicent Young 

If you are married and you can’t talk to your spouse, don’t just blame your spouse. If you are the one talking, how are you talking to them? If you are talking they are listening, start off with I Love You, and I want us to be able to talk about anything, smile, give a hug, kiss, and talk. Arguments is communication you just have to make sure it’s constructive. Pray, apply the LORD’s word to your marriage, and be true to your marriage vows, everyone wants a happy marriage, but no one wants to put in the work. People tend to hold on to hurts of the past, spouses let the hurt go, and forgive. ~ Ted Bear 

Sometimes people just don’t grow in the same direction together and laws and rules were made up way after humans were created so why should we be encumbered forever with a partner who has other ideas or doesn’t want to change. As no two people are alike, not every couple is destine to be together forever Like I said. It’s all just made up rules that we are living by anyway when you think about it. ~ Cathy Goodman 

Being single isn’t a disease. Its a word that describes some with the ability to stand on their own 2 feet without relying on a significant other. ~ Diana Totino

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