The loneliest thing in the world


The loneliest thing in the world

Being surround by people that don’t think you are worthy of a greeting or a kind word is pretty lonely as well. We all matter. Be sure your actions don’t shut someone out. ~ Jana Themom 

Being alone and being lonely are 2 different things. Some people are happier when they are alone.

Being with the wrong people is exhausting and it will eventually effect your health, make you tired and lead to a multitude of illnesses. It took me a long time to realize, I have no desire to be like any other person but me. ~ Tony Brophy 

I’ve been alone for 34 yrs. I was married before that for 17 yrs, I’ve never been more alone than I was when I was married. Being alone I have found peace! ~ Kay Richter 

Being around the wrong people is toxic. If your not comfortable and happy then make some changes.

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