Trust what you feel & follow your instincts


Walk away from anything that gives you bad vibes

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servants and has forgotten the gifts. ~ Albert Einstein

This statement refers more to that “gut feeling”, the “red flags” that have no “reasonable basis in fact” that too often we ignore, even when something doesn’t feel right. We may encounter a situation, in our everyday lives, that “doesn’t feel right”, and yet, due to some “social norm”, or other outside “logical” pressure, we might feel, rather than listening to that “nagging feeling”, that we are bound to go the “fearless route it’s nothing”. The best way through legitimate fear is straight through it; if there are no safety/emotional barriers to courageously confronting our fears, then the fears will maintain control, which is no way to live a Life of purpose and fulfillment. ~ Juelann Mark

We must try and work out broken relationships but once tried and tried, we must find peace and walk away, after having done all. We are called only to do what our best is, then a distance is healthy to not allow a toxic relationship in, our lives and destroy us. We can’t serve our families if we are shipwrecked with grief, anxiety and confusion. ~ Kathy Paquette 

Intuition is great but had I followed my intuition all my life I would not be or have what I have today. Chances should always be taken no matter how scary it may be at the time. ~ Skippy Brown 

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