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Try not to take things personally


Try not to take things personally

What they say or how they feel about you is not your problem, it’s theirs. ~ Anne Weiser

Your opinion of the world is different for everybody and so will be my opinion of an individual. If I see beauty (inside) in a person, it is because I am looking from the inside beauty of myself (a reflection of myself) If I’m rude to someone and all the things that come out of me, is a reflection of me, even if that person was rude too. I am responsible for my own action and words. If I make a person feel bad about themselves, it is because I feel bad about myself, as I am projecting. So, whatever you see coming out of a person, that is demeaning, is a reflection of themselves, always, because it is their responsibility to own their emotions and actions.

Stop worrying about what other people thinks. Instead, just give your best in things that you do. ~ Au David

When someone points at you, there are more fingers pointing back at them. ~ Liz Caruso

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