Walk away from anything that no longer serves you


Walk away from anything that no longer serves you

Look for the good wherever you are and the universe will bring you more of it and the universe will remove that which is not a match. ~ Marcia Grchan 

The only person you can change is yourself. You may even be in a dangerous situation, so walk away while you can. There are many more kind, gentle people out there. You do not have to stay with an abuser. 

Not worth it if you end up stomping on others. Respect yourself enough to give more than 100% and think of all those than can adversely be effected of the choices you make. You can find happiness anywhere if you choose to. Be careful when being selfish. Find the positive things in your life and be grateful for what you do have. ~ Debra Haider 

Sometimes we carry a “me” mentality where we only see what is needed for us. We have to live in the we mentality because its not all about “me”. When we are consistently in the mindset of thinking of others and serving others, our relationships grow. ~ Unknown

Too many of us feel like we have to stay in that “thing” because we may be looked upon negatively, but that should be just the opposite. Those who truly love and care about you will be there to support you and lift you up. ~ Troy Beagley 

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