We fall, we make mistakes & get up and LIVE!


We fall, we make mistakes & get up and LIVE!

We would all be happier, if we had all the answers and avoided mistakes, however we must accept our past and try to make better decisions in the future. ~ Loren Tennyson 
Some of my best moments in life came from my mistakes. I can only hope to make many more. ~ Maureen Borzell 
God intends hardships in your life to bring you closer to Him. He is the only one who can make good out of bad because we are more than conquerors through Him who loves us. Our identity in Christ is what defines who we really are. Always be teachable and know all things work together for our good. Our success comes from the depth of pain and hardships. You have to ask yourself what is God trying to teach me if he allows me in the struggle? ~ Tonya Street 
Don’t ever live your life to please any human being, to please God in all that you do, because there is no way any human being is ever pleased until the you die. ~ Bridget Osunruku 

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