When someone is rude to you


When someone is rude to you

When people are rude, they are usually miserable with themselves.

They usually recognize their rudeness in the face of your kindness. ~ Elaine Wilhelm

Have inner peace and happiness within yourself. When you found that nothing else matters around you. Everything will fall in right places & you don’t have to worry.

When people are rude they take away their own power. I was in a very minor auto so called bender fender recently. The woman got out of her car and even before checking for any damage she called me a bitch. Didn’t bother me at all and it just told me what kind of a person she was. Turns out I just brushed against her car leaving a white residue and no paint from my car was on hers. She called the police and it took them at least an hour to get to the “scene”. The whole time that it took to wait she constantly complained and I pretty much ignored her and I think the police officer did not take her seriously. No one listens to an hysterical woman. She got not one penny from insurance company. ~ Victoria Mack 

Sometimes they don’t like themselves so transfer that dislike to others. A friendly grin and a helping hand can make a new friend for you as they often want friendship, are afraid of rejection and behave that way to prove that they don’t really care, even if they really do care, love them anyway. ~ Sheila Hawkins 

My Mother always said, just listen, keep your cool, “Never lower yourself to their level”. I have always remembered that, if anybody ever fired off at me, I would just listen, especially in the Dr’s surgery where I worked as the main front receptionist, after they had finished letting off steam. I would just smile and in a calm voice, say, I bet you feel all the better letting off all that steam. It works. They then don’t know what to say next. Hurtful things can be said to you, but you just have to smile and swallow your pride. ~ Janette McIlwham 

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