When two hearts are meant for each other


When two hearts are meant for each other

It depends on the two. If they are deeply in love and committed, they will protect their partnership with all their might. If one of the two is not truly in love, then this person is not committed (even if they say so) and will allow themselves to be attracted to another person and destroy that other relationship (which in fact was a one sided relationship) For partnership to be successful the two involved must be on the same page at all times. And communicate lovingly all the time. ~ Nelly Youakim

He had never been married and my daughter was 12 by then. She took to him and he to her and they are so close most assume he is her dad. He never tried to buy her with gifts etc he was always himself and she even though she only 12 she knew he was real. I now look at the 2 of them and go my God I’m blessed and so are they. We did have hurdles but we got over them. To say I love my hubby and our life is an understatement. I simply don’t have the words to describe really how happy and contented I am. I haven’t lost myself here but rather am now complete. We met online actually. I was divorced and not very trusting to say the least but as time went by I learned to trust again it wasn’t easy. To move from Finland to Ireland that’s what my hubby did as I couldn’t move there. Love really does exist it takes give and take and comprise and faith and trust. It will only work with the right person. If is a true honest love it can conquer so much. Years before I met him I sat in my local church and said look here I’ve had all I can take I’ve nothing left no home etc its all gone but Sacred Heart I ask you to take over here this from a person who didn’t even go to Mass. I asked if he ever sent someone to me that person better love my daughter top. A few years later I met my hubby and oh boy did God send me the best.  ~ Lyndsay Rehn

Our society makes love difficult. Both have to defy many pressures to stay in love. True friends are the best chance at love. Look at all the enduring marriages that last to the end of life. Best friends first. Not work, not family, not money, not mates, not lust, not anything makes them hurt their friend. ~ Jeanette Green

When someone falls in love with me, they will never leave me and I’m confident in that. Its giving them your heart that matters not things. ~ Kim Howard

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