When you completely trust someone


When you completely trust someone

If you learn “A lesson for Life” keep it to that specific situation. Don’t take that luggage with you to another relationship. Give yourself time to heal. ~ Ed Skinner

You can rely on a human being, or depend on someone, or share with someone. When you put your trust in another human being, you give up control of your deepest emotions and feelings to someone who is not capable of handling these things for you. They were not put together for this task. A human being is put together to fail. Some are miserable for whatever reason and seek company by any means possible. That includes telling someone how much they mean to them and gaining their trust and then disappointing them in the worst way. If you want to love and trust someone who will not let you down choose God. He will always be there for you through out your life. ~ James Wilson 

We have to take responsibility for how we choose to love another. Often it is a neediness in ourselves that needs to be addressed by ourselves that is exposed in painful outcomes of failed relationships. You will repeat this lesson as often as needed until you discover this. The only true love is unconditional. All other forms are lessons in disguise. Learning to love unconditionally just requires you to know yourself, set boundaries and do not give beyond what you are capable of. Doing so will make you feel regret. Practice love often and let yourself get hurt and learn to listen to yourself and I promise. Each time it will get better and easier to avoid the hurt or recover from it. Relationships are key to spiritual growth whether they are romantic or otherwise. ~ Maggie Schempp 

Before you give your complete trust to another person you have to evaluate if the other person can bear it. To have someone’s complete trust can be a heavy burden. That person might like you, even love you, and still not be strong enough to carry your love and trust and embrace it. I realized, I cannot just expect all this from someone, just because I want them to be my soul mate. I cannot give more to the other than he can carry. If I do, it’s a lesson for me to learn, that I have to be more unselfish and contain my need to have somebody I can place my complete trust in for the sake of the other. You can be very lonely in a room full of people. ~ Heidi Torndahl 

A lesson for life can be crippling, making someone afraid to ever trust again. I know I’m one of those people: I’ve trusted too much and I’ve been burnt too much and too painfully, so I can never really trust another person again. ~ Aniron Minuial 

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