When you forgive someone in your life?


When you forgive someone in your life?

When you forgive others you’ll live in peace and have more time to think about better chances.

If you improve the past, your present will be perfect and if you improve your present, then your future will be best.

To forgive is virtue of honor lead by mistakes and correct the moment in time to carry the future forward. ~ Sandra Peters 

When we forgive, we do not forgive the crime, we forgive ourselves from stopping God’s love to shine through us because of the bitterness we were made to feel . Only then, can we feel peace inside of us as we once again let God back into our lives. There is no room for God’s Love, when we keep hate, anger, and all forms of negativity inside of us praise God. ~ Carol Embry 

Lets clear this up. When you forgive, you don’t let the other person off of the hook for what they did. Karma assures this. Instead, you let go of the damage that they caused to free your own soul so that you can move forward in your lessons in this life. ~ Jessica Scott 

When you forgive, you are making a very important declaration to yourself that what happened to you is a baggage that does not belong to your future, but must be left in your past because that is where it belongs. Moreover, you refuse to be dictated to by the harm inflicted to you because you have come to realize that life is more FOR giving than FOR getting . The more you give , the more you’ll get (in the future). ~ Zandise Booi 

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