When you hear negative after negative around you


When you hear negative after negative around you

Don’t let anyone ruin your day. 

Always look at the bright side of life.

You should always think happy thoughts or wake up with good thoughts. 

Having good thought in the morning, enough energy for the whole day.

One big negative thought in the night can’t change your half night. ~ Sophia Pascual 

One ugly word can come close to ruining a person’s day too and leave some toxic thoughts. Be nice to someone today. ~ Cathy Rodgers 

Remember one happy thing that happened in your life. Sing a song , remember you have friends who care about you, think of your favorite food & remember the first time you laughed. ~ Charles Gould 

It doesn’t matter whether our thoughts are small or big, but we must care about the positivity & negativity. A simple positive thought can make our whole day good. In the same manner, one little negative thought can ruin our whole day.

I am trying to make it a habit and a random act of kindness with it. Even just letting a rude driver get their way. It is not going to kill me. ~ Norma Powell

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