When you start seeing your worth


When you start seeing your worth

Why please others if they didn’t know your worth. Move on!
Better live alone than suffer everyday with someone who is not worth your attention.
The problem is that during your working years, much of your temperament is based on what kind of boss you work for. I have had all kinds. Some are wonderful and makes working a pleasure. They are the truly skilled bosses. Others are some of the most egotistical mean people you would ever want to meet. They are the worse. Problem is, sometimes you can not get away from them. I am retired and have never had so much inner peace in my life. ~ Jeri Cooper 
I see people in bad relationships all the time. With a fear I suspect of being alone or not know where to start. My only hope is that they get the courage and strength to move on and see themselves for who they are and that their life can be a happy one. Time is short. ~ Barbara Simpson 
If I am around negative people, I’m gone. I’m not staying where you feel like they are pulling you down. ~ Becky Narron 

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