Why most relationships fail?


Why most relationships fail?

Too much time talking about each other and not to each other.

Most relationships also fail because one person is spending too much time enjoying the company of someone else. ~ Laura Thibault 

In order for any relationship to work we have got to love the strengths and accept the weaknesses. ~ Stephanie Gomes 

The key thing is acknowledging our mistakes and learning from them, so we can focus on the good times. ~ Stephany Raimo 

Relationship fails because we never appreciate simple acts that shows love, or even being there emotionally rather than loving the person physically. We claim we know all yet we never realize we are breaking the simple rules in a relationship. ~ Praveen Kaur 

Take more time to love, care each other instead of to blame each other.

If you only look at the mistakes we lose the opportunity to share with others. Life is beautiful and short. So we are not as perfectionists. ~ Maria Vargas

Pointing out fault and then trying to manipulatively change the person to be who you should think they should be usually does not fair well in relationships. Our partners should not be putty in our hands to mold as we would please. Relationships are hard work and as beautifully stated here require time of just enjoying each other and who are partner is. Instead of some picture of who we believe they should be. ~ Troy

The couple should have been aware of each others “mistakes” prior to marriage. It’s hard to enjoy each others company with annoying “mistakes”. ~ Zenobia Davis 

Please love each other as tomorrow your spouse may not be there. ~ Linda Trefrey

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