A perfect relationship isn’t actually perfect


A perfect relationship isn't actually perfect

Nowadays people give up so easily. They focus on the bad instead of focusing on the good and positive things in the relationship. If more people would focus on the positive there would be less break ups and divorce.~ Kari Castillo 

There was never a perfect relationship. There will only be a harmonious relationship between two people that take turns of giving and taking, but in the event of a one sided love affair, there’s no point in pursuing or continuing the unbalanced relationship. ~ Adore Fernandez 

It’s more than feelings or emotions, it’s a commitment! A commitment to keep changing for the better as time goes by. ~ Akshay Kallychurn

Never give up! Some trials hard to accept but it open our hearts to do the magic of life and that is the strength from tears and faith from God. God balances our life by giving us enough blessings to keep us humble and enough hardship to keep us strong. ~ Lucrecia Cuartero 

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