Be kind to unkind people


Be kind to unkind people

Be kind to everyone but if someone is being rude or hateful just because they can, then I will remove myself from the situation or try my best to ignore them. If it’s at work, I try to stay professional. For family, those people are cut off and not in my life. Toxic people have no place in my life. ~ Michelle Whiteley 

Being resilient to unkindness, is the key. Not to react, or say anything in retaliation. 

Be kind to people, not because they are nice, but because you are. ~ being kind to people; not because they are nice, but because you are.

If unkind people make you unhappy and upset, you yourself might start being unkind to others and the cycle continues. I would let unkind people know they are being unkind and then have as little contact with them as possible. ~ Joyce McPherson 

Be kind to everyone, especially oneself. It’s hard when there’s a constant internal chattering bringing up regrets from the past or beating oneself up for things one things should have been done better. Not sure where that voice comes from but likely it’s some deeply cut groove in the vinyl record of our brain from childhood and it’s skipping like on our old beat up record players from back in the day. Say to yourself, “Yeah Whatever! I’m doing the best I can” and move on. ~ Joseph Segal 

Sometimes that’s what it takes to break through that hardened shell. ~ Elaine Feagan

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