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Sincere people will point out your flaw to help you

Loyalty and respect are the most precious things you could ever receive than others. They are key for a good relation and friendship for eternity. They are magnifiers that recover those who deserve you and those who are pretending to be your friends but actually they are hiding by some …

If you really want to live your life to the fullest

If people think you’re mad then that would be their opinion. People who come to understand your decision and not hold it against you prove to be your real friends. ~ Jared Brown    As you get older your mindset changes. You get more self oriented toward your own happiness!

Non understanding of the people around you

Non understanding of the people around you makes you feel low and lonely!   Open up to the wrong person and you will regret it. It’s so much easier to do what makes you happy than to worry whether others will approve of your lifestyle. ~ Berlinda Gonzalez 

Life is like a camera

Life is like a camera. Take a good memories but forget negative effects. Be a realistic!  Focus on the good things that are coming your way.