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When you miss someone so much

Keep loving someone even if at distance. What is most important it stays there in your heart. Miss my papa so much. If I got one wish that would be a chance to tell him how proud I am to be his daughter and how much I love him. ~ Marife Kelly 

Don’t get upset at those who criticize your Life

Those people who thinks what others thinking about them or bad mouthing are those who have a problem. Ignoring them makes your life easier and have fun. ~ Jessyline Maquito  It is between you and God what your life is. I’m sick of people who wrongly judge me and wrongly accuse me because I’m not as … Read More

The easiest way to solve a problem in your Life

Out of sight, out of mind. Sometimes that’s just the way it has to be. Do not problem the problem because the problem will problem you. One of the hardest decisions was to walk away from the problem and I knew it was the right thing. I knew I had to, and I felt self … Read More

Be Thankful for the difficult people in your Life

Those difficult people are the ones we need to learn what not to be, unhappy antisocial people will always exist. Once a friend told me that difficult people exist to redeem us from our sins. ~ Maria Ines  As many as they can come your way, good or bad, it is just a learning experience. Rejoice … Read More

When someone comes into your Life

I’m ready to meet the one I will be with till the end. ~ Michele Switzer  Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we don’t know what that reason is though. ~ Sandi Nina  Lets just be optimistic whatever the situation will be because at times there are people that need to be a part of are life & … Read More

Cherish those who you have in your Life

Enjoy every moment you can with them because those moments will be the only memories you will have to cherish and share with others. Don’t take time for granted. In a few minutes or hours your life can change forever. Believe me I know Ladies and gentlemen, love and respect your parents. They won’t be … Read More

True friends will always change with you not against you

People do change, and things go wrong, life can take you in different directions, but your true friends will always change with you not against you. There are times that people’s actions can really reveal their true nature because a true friend no matter the circumstances will stand with you. ~ Charmaine Smith I have left … Read More

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