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There comes day in your life when you realize

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Take the time to look inside and read between the lines. More will be revealed. Time to move on. Let the past with some of it’s bad things simply vanish and look toward new horizons, new books, new titles, a new life minus a few faces. ~ Denise Fortier  … Read More

Friendship is about who walked into your Life

A real friend is the one who knows you best,and always present when you are in need. Friendship is a Rainbow between Two Hearts sharing 7 colours : Love, sadness, happiness, truth, faith, respect and secrets. Those who walk beside you are the ones who love you the most. They are there for you through … Read More

There are some people in your life you are going to lose

Better to have loved & lost then to not have loved at all. Sometimes someone comes into your life and helps you find yourself. Losing those people may hurt more than finding yourself, but the pain will subside and you have become a better person. ~ Loree Devine 

Some people can be mean & treat you poorly

Treat other the way you want to be treat & if you can’t say anything nice, keep your mouth shut. What goes around, comes around and if you roll in the mud with the pigs the only thing that happens is you get dirty too. People’s actions always will speak volumes about themselves and how … Read More

Someone playing a major role in your Life

Is it because we recognize in them something beautiful or familiar that we have known before? Say in another life ? ~ Wendy Neill  Attraction can be instant but love takes time to mature and grow. Eyes let you see instantly but your heart tells you when it is time to love. ~ Linda Flanders  It’s a … Read More

Some people will come in your Life

Letting go instead hold on or change into something better. Just easier to walk away with a smile on your face that way keeps them wondering what’s up next. ~ Ginger Pridgen  When holding on is morally and spiritually unacceptable and letting go is the proper and noblest thing to do.

Life is so ironic

Living in the moment is the key to true happiness. It’s the flip-side, both sides of the coin We can’t have one without the other. ~ Rachael Johnson  Always be grateful and never take anything for granted. One never knows what one has until one loses it. The fact you have to balance your emotions and feelings. … Read More

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