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No matter how Good or Bad your Life is

70 percent of the population who thinks negatively and some don’t even realize it. Always start out with a smile and hope for the best. You just have to try to dodge and avoid unfavorable people and situations. Do whatever so you can control your positive outcome. ~ Pam Doering  I take a walk each day … Read More

The Saddest thing about Betrayal

We never trust our enemies, but our friends & loved once. Enemies can’t betray you and you wouldn’t care anyway, but when friends do, is the worst feeling ever. One of my recent lessons, but I learnt from this to depend less on friends and more on me. This way I can’t be disappointed. ~ Roxana … Read More

You may not always end up where you thought you were going

Life always takes us where we are meant to be, but in the end we should always be happy. The twist of fate will change your life and your dreams. You cannot plan future but God plan it for you. ~ Dahlia Basco

A Happy life is about Giving more then you Take

Doing something that gets someone else to smile is one of life’s greatest rewards. Some selfless people find joy and happiness in giving and helping others. It’s how they are wired and I see nothing wrong in that. ~ Victoria Mack  The replenishment is Grace, provided by the God. It really has to do with attitude. … Read More

Moving on doesn’t mean you forget about things

Moving on is forgiving and being happy with your life. Time will erase a lot of things. Find a good person to spend time with and you will feel much better each day, Life goes on! ~ Pat Fuller  Many times, people think that “letting go” is the same as forgetting; the key is to learn … Read More

How one can live a Happy Life?

A goal achieved is a satisfaction to the soul. It’s better invest to our own mind and soul and be contented and thankful, that is one of the path to happiness. If you place your happiness on others, you will always be let down, but, if you place it on a self prescribed goal, you … Read More

Sometimes you have to do what’s best for you

People who you think care really don’t. You have to think about yourself. Doing what’s best for me is ultimately best for others too. We need to develop ourselves first before other and when we achieve our aim in life, there we can help others. ~ Mavie Goyal Be good to yourself, be patient, set achievable goals. … Read More

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