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Some people will come in your Life

Letting go instead hold on or change into something better. Just easier to walk away with a smile on your face that way keeps them wondering what’s up next. ~ Ginger Pridgen  When holding on is morally and spiritually unacceptable and letting go is the proper and noblest thing to do.

Life is so ironic

Living in the moment is the key to true happiness. It’s the flip-side, both sides of the coin We can’t have one without the other. ~ Rachael Johnson  Always be grateful and never take anything for granted. One never knows what one has until one loses it. The fact you have to balance your emotions and feelings. … Read More

Life has knocked me down a few times

If you don’t get up and put yourself back out there, you will have never lived. We have to be willing to be vulnerable to experience All life has to give us. ~ Robyn Chatman  I’ve had many times been knocked down, beaten up and then got up and moved on. The important thing is that … Read More

Sometimes, you have to Let people go

Sometimes it has nothing to do with taking. Sometimes, it’s the judging, the criticism and the hurt they bring to your life. Trouble is you don’t realize this at the time. You are too happy giving and giving to the one you love and think loves you. You only realize after it is over, how … Read More

Meeting the same people but making new conversations

The journey of discovery is to see with new eyes. Real joy comes from the heart. I have been preaching to friends and family, be happy and content with small and simple things in life. They don’t cost much and most of them are free, ready to be explored, the wonders of creations. ~ Norma Powell 

Time is like a River

The water will never pass the same place again. However, with water you can get up, move downstream, and indeed touch the same water again. Maybe someday we will understand time well enough to do the same thing. ~ John Sill  Life goes by faster than we think. Don’t let time passes you by without being … Read More

Having someone who loves you no matter what

Don’t take that someone for granted that she/he might not walked out on you. ~ Norma Powell  Mothers and fathers do what we can’t believe for us to obtain all what we want. ~ Omar Elhamdani  Sometimes, you just need to look at the mirror and you’ll find that perfect person.  Having someone special in your life … Read More

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