Don’t chase people when they walk away


Don't chase people when they walk away

I don’t want to chase people, I just want to say goodbye. I hate it when they just disappear without even saying anything. ~ Andria Kita 

When you are constantly there for somebody and realize they are not giving their all and you decide to let go, maybe the other person is thinking you walked away. It was never I didn’t want to be in their life I felt they didn’t want me in theirs. ~ Lisa Allore 

Chasing people when they give you clues that they don’t want to be in your life or be a good friend then it is time to move on. Sometimes it is a shock to know how little people care for you but remember chasing them will not make them care more. ~ Beverly Nelson 

If you have to speculate if someone loves you and wants to be with you, chances are they don’t. It’s not that complicated. Don’t waste moments waiting and wondering. Don’t throw away your time dreaming of someone that doesn’t want you. No one is that amazing, certainly not the one who would pass you up. ~ Sarang Bhirud 

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