Don’t get upset at those who criticize your Life


Don't get upset at those who criticize your Life

Those people who thinks what others thinking about them or bad mouthing are those who have a problem. Ignoring them makes your life easier and have fun. ~ Jessyline Maquito 

It is between you and God what your life is.

I’m sick of people who wrongly judge me and wrongly accuse me because I’m not as wealthy/successful/high-standing as they are. They have no idea and they don’t care how high a price I have paid to achieve what I have achieved. ~ Saara Becker 

Our life has only three days. Yesterday, it passed don’t think on it. Tomorrow is unknown, don’t expect too much. So the true life is today. Live it! Don’t let people destroy your day. ~ Bülent Harput 

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