Don’t Grieve over the Past


Don't Grieve over the Past

The past is just memories, the future is just expectations, the real deal is the present.

Let the past go, enjoy the present & pray for the blissful future.

The past is behind us let go and let everyone build a new beginning.

It makes beautiful memories in the past and makes you look forward to an awesome future all the while enjoying the present. 

Live each day as if its your last. Do not worry over tomorrow but let tomorrow take care of itself and that God was in control of it all. 

You recognise your mind wondering into an unhappy or even happy past and start to get emotionally affected by it. What do you do? You stop going there. You make new memories and you choose happiness over sadness, its a choice. You keep the past under lock and key, store it in your heart labelled with love. You can be happy again. ~ Linda Corletta

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