Everyone says that Love hurts


Everyone says that Love hurts

Love never fails, problem is when we are hurt we don’t believe love is the answer.

The love part of love doesn’t hurt, but with love comes a lot of other emotions too. But it is worth it in the end. 

Love stays and stays after the other person walks away. Don’t believe it when they say they love you but they have to get away for the sake of both of you. They are only saying that to enable themselves to leave. ~ William Breaux 

People mistake love with passion. We feel a lot of things for another person, not just one and these things often come hand in hand. Love is not selfish, it doesn’t want for itself. It is the ability to see the good in others, regardless if we are benefiting from it. It makes us feel happy for the happiness of another person. Love has no jealousy. Passion has, but if I’m talking about the one I love, of course (unless its a platonic relationship) there is passion involved and also hate sometimes. All these things exist from time to time, they come and come like waves, but love is the most enduring, strong of feelings, as long as we know how to nurture it and not give in to the bad feelings, that are normal, that exist in all of us, and all of us have to deal with in order to really feel the good feelings. ~ Miguel Baptista 

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