Fall in Love with someone who wants you


Fall in Love with someone who wants you

If you find someone who is like that hold on tight because in today’s world they are so few of them.

I wasn’t looking for another husband after being divorced 8 yrs from an abusive man. I met a man 15 yes younger than me at a church. He just stole my heart and we have had 22 years of happiness. He is loving, caring and we are never apart. He doesn’t drink. Big plus for me as my ex was an alcoholic, gambler and womanizer. He beat me and our sons in drink. I am so happy and truly blessed. ~ Anne Thornhill 

There is partners out there like this for us. All we just have to recognize them when they come around. Most of us don’t because of all the bad ones we have had to deal with in the past but don’t give up. 

A heart that loves you as you are never leave at your worst. It guides, sympathy, even when you got nothing but just yourself. It’s the love that gives you shades of light of your dark side. It’s the love that brings out the best in you. ~ Editha Tampus 

Absolute adoration brings good, congenial spirits together – not money, not lust. In time, a metaphysical torment then overcomes, and a soul transmission begins. She’ll know his thoughts, and he her heart; and it’ll be good. Heaven is on earth indeed. ~ Luis Navarro 

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