Forgiving yourself is the best way to accept all your mistake


Forgiving yourself is the best way to accept all your mistake

Forgive thyself so I can move on. Be kind to myself. ~ Unknown

We must forgive ourselves first. It is essential in forgiving others.

We are our worst hardest critic. It’s one day at a time & a long process, but it does happen. ~ MClaire Delorme 

The hardest person to forgive is yourself. Everyone needs to remember, “If God can forgive you, then you can forgive yourself.” God forgets, you also need to forget. Hard lesson to learn but many people need to learn it. ~ Sharon Stanhope 

Dear (your name), you are forgiven for all the mistakes you have made in your life and I want you to know I am still your #1 fan and will always love you. ~ Mel Dreamweaver 

When we pray that may our errors be forgiven as we forgive others, they are usually forgiven by our God because He forgives in a large way. It is ourselves that cannot forgive because when we think about it. How can we be so stupid, gullible or ignorant to let ourselves be tempted to make such a mistake. Sometimes it’s just a word that came out from our mouth out of the blue. We just blurt it out or often times it’s a gross mistakes that hounds us for the rest of our living life, yet we go back and forth and not able to forgive ourselves. It’s really time to let go and forgive ourselves so we don’t become stagnant. ~ Norma Powell

I was told once to treat myself as I would my best friend, we forgive them for everything. It works when you put it into practice. ~ Annie Berber 

You are very blessed and be happy if you have nothing to forgive yourself for.

It is one of the hardest lessons in life to learn. Once you have learn this lesson your thought process changes for the better. ~ Melody Cherry 

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