God always leads us to where we need to be


God always leads us to where we need to be

God is like our Parents always leads or tries to lead us along the correct path of life, but we, who are wayward children, refuse to listen &/or follow such parental instruction & therefore suffer the consequences of our misdeeds. Yet God, like our Parents, is a merciful & caring God, because of unconditional love He has for us and is always willing & able (like our parents) to forgive & forget our faults when we repent & return to the fold where we rightly belong. ~ Tyrone Dsilva 

God has given us choice to choose good or bad. It’s up to us where we go. Else no one would get killed or kill someone. If God had decided to turn us all on right path we all would be living in this world like angels. God has provided us right path. Still we have to decide. He will help us in our good efforts especially if we ask for it, but will not stop us from bad deeds. He never cares nor bother . He is almighty. We are part of his game which is played with good rules and regulations. In fact, This life is our exam as human real life is hereafter. Result is due on judgement day when all dead will live again and be present. Everyone one will be questioned for every thing. Heaven and hell will be granted. ~ Sunila Shaukat 

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