Growth & Change is painful


Growth & Change is painful

Make that first big step a happy one and then keep going.

It’s usually the deepest pain which empowers you to grow to your full potential. It’s the scary, stressful choices that end up being the most worthwhile. Without pain, there would be no change. But remember, pain, just like everything in life, is meant to be learned from and then released. ~ Amanuel Misganu 

When you finally get out of where you were stuck, it is a very rewarding feeling. I’m lucky because I was stuck in a very negative place for almost 2 years. I regret nothing except the fact I let one person make me get so low. ~ Tammy Epping 

I have finally find my own way & will never settle. Deep within ourselves, we feel the truth. Listen to that truth, you’ll always be OK. ~ Christy Hardin 

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