Hard times can only make you stronger


Hard times can only make you stronger

What don’t kill you makes you Stronger.

We never know how strong we can be until we “feel” our weakness. ~ Paul Renna 

The more you dwell on an attitude of gratitude for the hard times, the more you establish within yourself a belief that you must have hard times in your life in order to become a better person, or in order to grow and evolve. The attitude that anything good does not come easy slips further and further away. Better to acknowledge that the lesson is learned now and merely to move on if I do not want to continually repeat the cycle. I give thanks for my life and all its amazing opportunities and possibilities, and I accept that there is duality in this life, but that the pendulum swings less when I stay closer to the side of positivity. Good times are mine to have. ~ Michelle Hurney

I always remember that when another struggle come my way that I have overcome ones in the past and I am able to do it again because I am stronger than what I am dealing now, so it does not make me bitter and having a cold heart just because of previous trials. I am thankful for it, taught me a lesson on how to deal with it without harboring resentment towards life and people/events who have caused it. I forgive but not forget, not because they deserve my forgiveness but to unburden myself from heavy weight of grudges and its healing to my heart. ~ Norma Powell

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