How to have a lovely day?


How to have a lovely day?

Do nice things for people to help them have a good day. That is what we all should do for each other. All days we should be loveable.

If you put the best you out there you tend to be more confident. When you happy with you it shows. ~ Glenda Hilton

Dressing nicely and wearing perfume can just make you feel lovely. If you feel lovely you will act lovely. ~ Shearl Kerby

Tell someone you love them and interact with a child and pray for a grateful heart. Actually give your change to the man who asks for it. Find wisdom in the wrinkles of time in the elders of our time. This too will make today lovely. ~ Donna Disch

I myself feel that grooming is necessary to have a good day. I can be happy first thing in the morning, coffee at hand with no perfume on. But to go about my day, I have a routine. Shower, Hair, dress nice, a little perfume etc for when I look good, I feel good. If I lived my life without my routine ritual of grooming as such, I’d feel Yucky (gross) The farmer and working labourer can feel normal going about their day like that but I wasn’t raised that way. Just like someone from the country would not like my life and would find my daily routine absurd.

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