I am too blessed to be stressed


I am too blessed to be stressed

The more if you let yourself drown and exposed to things not your problems. 

You deserve better. Stress offers no upside. Work it off by cleaning, working out, walking your dogs and most important laugh, laugh loudly, laugh often you will get through this. ~ Joann Rozycki 

When you think of gratitude, the greatest attitude, you focus on what you have, the blessings. It’s wonderful, we can all change for the better when we control our thoughts. In my opinion, my daily bible reading is putting good thoughts into my mind& turning off the tv, especially the news, it’s all negative &  depressing. The bible talks about the enemy of the mind. We have to be proactive &  fight those doubts &  fears. Going to do my bible reading now & will see the blessings in my day. Also joining a fellowship, church or meeting to study & learn is the other part of receiving blessings. The bible is the foundation & the fellowship id the icing on the cake. They go together. Wishing you many blessings! ~ Eileen Kent 

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