If others don’t like you, then let them be


If others don't like you, then let them be

Live your life to the fullest and don’t worry about the other things.

If others don’t like it so be it. We don’t just live only for them. Rejoice everyone! Life is not a rehearsal. ~ Sonya Bactad

Love yourself first the rest will follow. You will not achieve your goal in life if you always looking for what people says to you. ~ Iza Alona 

You can’t and shouldn’t want to be anyone else. Love yourself and be what you really are. ~ Cynthia Harris 

We won’t always make everyone around us happy but remember we weren’t put here to do that in the first place. You are a good and awesome person. ~ Kelly Hewitt 

We would stay so happy and peaceful if we stopped looking at what everyone else is doing and what they think, and fixed our eyes on God and His immeasurable love and affection for us. ~ Laura Garner

Not to waste my precious moments in life feeling uncomfortable around those who truly do not want me there. ~ Sonya Brown 

I am happy when I make someone happy but am also entitled to be myself so you got that right let them be if they can’t take it. ~ Norma Powell 

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