If we look into each other’s Hearts


If we look into each other's Hearts

Unconditionally love is when you see with your heart. 

Love is the answer, doesn’t matter what the question is.

It’s all about Love and respecting one another, making peace with one self and other. Starts within one self. For the sake of mankind. Faith and compassion. ~ Esperanza Vizoso 

Having people in your life who understands your challenges and who are loving, patient and caring, this is the key. This is what we all want.

If we worked more in thinking and ‘best’ interest we would grow and reach the goal, and happy instead of stuck in just the emotions tripping the issue. ~ Darlene Blad 

My very first boss said to me, “As you greet people every day remember that they could have had a bad day just like you may sometimes so always have patience and try to help the best you can. When you have to say something negative use the most pleasant words you can and deliver the information with grace. We go through things in our daily lives and we need to remember that others do too”. I never forgot that. ~ Holly Smith 

Life is busy. We have all become so accustomed to moving fast in every area of our life. Racing to work, racing back home to cook dinner, clean, spend a few moments with the family only to go to bed and get up the next morning to do it all again.

Do we really know what is behind the smile of the people around us? Is it a real smile or one that has become the facade of a hurting soul? We proclaim to care. But, do we really?

What would you do if you knew that their heart was breaking? Would you stop long enough to lend an ear, offer a shoulder to cry on, or would you continue on your hurried way? Asking “How are you” is such a simple gesture really and yet could change the path that a hurting soul takes that very day.

There are hurting and lonely people that need real friends, not just a hurried “How are you”. ~ Jill Newsom

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