If you are giving your all to someone


If you are giving your all to someone

I did that for almost 15 years. I’m just glad I saved enough of my heart so that I have now found true happiness. ~ Joanne Pierce 

For me, although I did that, I have not lost those years. I am the sum total of my life’s experience and there were many gifts from that experience including a lesson learned. ~ Flora Spence 

It really boils down this, selfishness and greed on their behalf and you can’t make someone love you if it isn’t in their heart to do so. No matter what you do will never be good enough for them. ~ Shannon Sawyer 

I have spent plenty of time trying to help and support others and I feel like I don’t belong. I feel that things are based on conditions when it should be unconditional. I feel like I have not done enough to be loved by my family. I want to feel needed. No I am not a victim, just wished I felt like my family was there. ~ Jolie Martin 

The love for two people should be reciprocated. If one doing more than the other or the other not doing nothing at all, then that’s the problem. Some relationship can fix by getting counselling & if the other partner is willing to make changes, but if he or she is adamant, then it’s time to say goodbye because at least you knew in your heart you put 120%. Love should flow so easily. When two people love each other, they will do whatever it takes to save it. Love conquers all & being selfish is not the way. ~ Julie Armstrong 

You can only give what your heart tells you. If it’s not appreciate it’s others fault. ~ Mariola Summerfield 

Whatever we give in terms of love care morals and support understanding and adjustments and compromises if one sided, then is not a package to sustain a healthy relationship until the same is reflected back, not necessarily in the same frequency or same amount since it’s in human nature that even though if we do not express or expect for a return yet unintentionally expect and psychologically and emotionally crave for it. However some people do not deserve our valuable emotions and thoughts but whenever, whatever we have given is never wasted even though the person or relationship did not deserve. We should not let ourselves be emotional fools and be wise enough to recognize who deserves to cherish our care, love, support morals and emotions & be there for them. ~ Farhana Meer 

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