You’ll never be successful if you don’t encounter failure


You'll never be successful if you don't encounter failure

When we hurt, we become brave. Making mistakes help us to learn. Encountering failure will create a determination to become successful. ~ Mouna Allouache 

You will never grow if you are afraid to live.

No one has learned everything from their birth. We learn through making mistakes. How many times you have fallen down to learn walking? Please don’t get afraid to make mistake to avoid criticism. Criticisms are your feedback that you are going to be an extraordinary person in the future. Coal had to go through extreme temperature and pressure to become diamond, and this diamonds need cutting and polishing before they can be useful. You are a rough diamond; dealing with criticism is polishing the diamond that is you. Wish you all the success in your life. ~ Dipankar Biswas  

Most people have a romantic notion about the effortless beauty of a pearl. However, the creation of a pearl is neither effortless nor beautiful, but rather irritating and uncomfortable as a grain of sand or a stray food particle finds its way into the shell of a mollusk and over time becomes the beautiful gem that is so cherished. The more irritants that are introduced, the bigger and more beautiful the pearl becomes.

We are a lot like that pearl, a tiny speck of life with infinite possibilities. Over time and with the help of many irritants; let-downs that have taught us patience, disappointments that taught us to never give up, hurts that have taught us to forgive, injustices that have taught us perseverance, etc… we become molded into a beautiful creature that only God knew possible. 

When we feel our weakest is when we are the most beautiful. We may feel vulnerable and frail, but in reality we are strong and lustrous. You are a gem.

~ Jill Newsom

Only surround yourself with positive people and beautiful things. We are all beautiful in our own way. I am not the most beautiful person in the world and maybe not even at first glance. Once people get to know me, they can’t help but love me. My beauty shines out like sunrays. To know me is to love me. ~ Janie Lancaster

I failed so many times but I always got back up dusted it off and practiced till I got it perfect. ~ Mouna Allouache 

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