If you know people who do nothing to you and destroying your growth


If you know people who do nothing to you and destroy your growth

Be the one who appreciates, and does all these things for others. 

Letting go of someone who fits the description above is loving yourself enough to put yourself first in a healthy way.

I did let go too. God showed me true colors of my past best friend. She used, controlled, manipulated me. I have a weight problem and she was embarrassed to be seen with me, and yet she needed me to take her places and I was her ATM machine and she had some mean, disprespectful things to me. The one thing that she said was now it is on my terms. What kind of a friend says that to you. She emotionally, mentally and verbally abused me and had showed no remorse at all. Has turned people against me. It took a while to heal and now I have control over my life again and I am much happier and it was a 20 year friendship. God closed the door and opened a new door and I thank God for that. I am free. I had to let go, walk away and I am so glad that I did. Just wanted to share my story. ~ Sharon Diedrich

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