If you love someone


If you love someone

It’s always better to show but when it’s time to go it better to tell.

If you “stop”loving someone, you never loved them in the first place. Once you love, you never stop.

When a man loves a woman, it is helpful for relationship bliss to frequently express love and, most importantly, appreciation with words, touch, and action. ~ Jeffrey White 

Just be man or woman enough to speak the truth in love. Don’t hurt people or string them along deliberately by lolly gagging around the truth. Be sure your sins will find you out and so will your lying eventually reveal the truth by your actions. ~ Ada Campfield 

If you have something you don’t like about them, say it to them and not to others and never say it in public, to another but to them directly. ~ Sandra Friedman

There are some, however, who never really believe you love them, constantly insist you prove your love, and then after they’ve destroyed any love you had for them never believe you ever loved them at all. ~ Pat Edwards 

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