If your happiness depends on things or people or situations


If your happiness depends on things or people or situations

I thought my life was so bad because I couldn’t afford shoes, then I met a happy man who had no feet. ~ Albert Diaz 

Be happy and content for what you have.

The happiest people are those who don’t have a lot.

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

Be that person that is so happy it rubs off on others and makes them happy and smiling too. ~ Rick Heaton 

Let’s be grateful for everything we have and not sad for what we don’t have.

Materialism causes the spirit to rust. Gratitude enables the soul to flourish.

Look around and be thankful for what you have because in a blink of an eye it can be all taken away and you could have never enjoyed what you did have. ~ Marie Spencer 

My mom always told us kids when we were young that no matter how bad you think things are there is always someone else worse off than yourself. ~ Rick Wilt 

Don’t look at what you have as little. Many people are so much more blessed then they realize and they keep looking elsewhere for something better. ~ Flo Shephard 

Those people with nothing are still smiling because they probably feel safe and loved by someone. ~ Elizabeth Hanson 

We don’t often smile because we are so worried about the things we don’t have and forget about the blessings we have. ~ Sharon Ottinger 

Be content with the little simple things you have. Those who have, cannot take their riches with them when they die and even at the present time, they always worry that someone might break in and take it away. Fire, rust will consume what you got materially but the happiness due to spiritual things cannot be taken away from you. ~ Norma Powell 

There are people with nothing. I am blessed with what I have but most of all my family. They are always there no matter what. ~ Stephanie Gregoire 

I am happy just being me. Life is not a perfect but you have to make the best of it, with what you have. Think positive that you are alive and walking & breathing. ~ Adela Pacheco 

“It can always be worse” helps me find a positive attitude again when I am tending to fall into despair. ~ Deborah Pageau 

Smile and be happy, and dream, and go for it. There’ s nothing wrong with being happy and work for a dream at the same time. ~ Myrna Abaño

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