It’s my Life & I’m Happy


My body sometimes feels sore but it works

It has been the way I’ve chosen to live my life. I feel it works. It makes me feel better and in turn I’m more available to make a difference for others too. It truly is an amazing feeling. ~ Lisa Brody 

Praise God. Always walk despite the distance, winning despite obstacles, despite the disappointments. Dreaming, Smiling despite the anguish & believe above all else. Life is a continuous learning. New challenges continue. ~ Nilo Santiago

I love my life, if we are not perfect we should not expect life to be. God always give us what we need, if we don’t have something is because we don’t need it. ~ Heiby Rosales

Life doesn’t need to be perfect. Need not to be too rich. Need not to be famous as long as we have God in life. Its more than enough. ~ Lucrecia Cuartero

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