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Letting go of the people who poison our spirit


Letting go of the people who poison our spirit

Worldly people do try to damage our spiritual walk. Need to not have them in our lives. ~ Ron Carlson 

People are good but if hanging around them brings your spirit down, best find different friends. ~ Sema Niyazi 

There is one more step here though and that is to bless them as you let them go. ~ Patti Finlay 

Walk away if someone lied, cheated, hurt and made you sad. That mistrust will fester & destroy your spirit of loyalty, fun & love. No second chances, they never deserved you. ~ Sarah Ferjani 

Sometimes we don’t even realize that someone in our life is really toxic and poisoning our spirit till a lot of damage it done, but if you know you’re life is not going right and you pray for spiritual & temporal well being for your life everyday, it becomes painfully obvious that one person you trusted (be it a partner, friend or a family member) is poison and the good news is you can do something about and remove that person from your life. The secret is praying and once you realize and do something about it, it is completely liberating. (the feeling is actually indescribable) I thank god for opening my eyes to that person’s true intent so I was finally able to know & remove that toxic person from my life. ~ Ellen Dobson 

I had two very negative people in my life, when I got positive on life, I kicked these two people to the curb. The minute I lost my job, and the negativity started, these two people tried to work their way back into my life. I have declined both requests one from the phone, and one sent a card. I will not yield into their negativity, because it will breed. Do Feel bad, yes, because these two people are needy, but I can’t allow myself to be part of their drama. ~ Antoinette Sachetta 

I go for a limited amount of time to families house for my own sanity. ~ Donna Lucas 

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