Love is like a lost object


Love is like a lost object

Love teaches us to HOPE!

You don’t have to look for love, it’s knocking at the door.

Love is light glowing from within that illuminates and surrounds others.

There’s nothing wrong with LOVE, remember that. It’s the person whom you had the relationship that either failed you, disappointed you or hurt you. So keep believing in love. Remember the next person you meet might be the one. Don’t punish your future, just because someone disappointed you. Your future just might be amazing with someone new.

Love is like a caged bird or another animal, you set them free, if they are meant for you they will remember to come home to when they get tired being out there because home is where they can rest themselves with no pretension, it is their comfort zone. ~ Norma Powell 

It seems that a person finds love when they stop looking for it and this is something I can vouch for. ~ Garris Aaron 

Maybe it will show up in my life too, I would gladly welcome it now. It’s been a long time. ~ Deena Bonin

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