Marriage does not guarantee you will be together forever


Marriage does not guarantee you will be together forever

Marriage is hard work, but once you figure things out it gets easier and very rewarding. ~ Claudia Malone

The marriage is a commitment between a man and a woman to make the relationship work. ~ Joyce Parker 

I’m not married on papers, but married by souls. He’s the most handsome, respectable & loving person in my life. Hope it lasts forever. ~ Amita Singh 

A marriage certificate neither makes nor breaks a relationship. A couple that is truly in love and willing to work at that relationship does not need a legal document, and a legal document doesn’t stop marriages from failing every day. ~ Erin Armstrong 

All those things should be in the relationship first, before you make the pledge (usually before God & others important in your life) to become man & wife & sign that piece of paper. Marriage is never just a piece of paper. ~ Deb Thomas 

The “paper” only represents the commitment of Marriage. It is not the Marriage itself. Marriage is the bond between two people, and that is experienced, not merely something that is represented by a certificate, rings, or even titles. Your “marriage certificate” does not promise longevity that you have to work hard at the relationship/marriage. ~ Kim Harris

Sometimes you don’t get it right, plain and simple. Time changes things, people grow. Both of you have to understand the words and work that goes into it. It is not always 50/50 but if one person is carrying the majority of the load and the other is unwilling to take their fair share, it is time to move on. ~ Betsy Pearson 

It needs to be a mutual thing with both partners working together to make the relationship grow and last. ~ Bernadette Kristaponis 

Marriage is a sacrament that couple receive. It requires a lifetime commitment that only death can separate them. Without it, proper generation is not possible to exist. ~ Francis Rabe 

A true marriage is unconditional love. I move on as it can’t be one sided and if oil and water can’t mix then not worth the effort to keep trying and trying and trying. Takes time, love and patience. Life is too short to waste if other half can’t take responsibilities and priorities. Move on! ~ Nicky Tanti 

I have been married for 30 years. It has been a ride – good, bad, easy, hard, we have had bad health, & good health. We have always worked at it together. It has always been worth it. I love my husband, I am in love with him & I know he feels the same way too. It is not perfect. There has been times we both wanted to walk away but we knew in our hearts that was not what we really wanted. ~ Cathy Sforza 

Patience, devotion, loyalty and hard work of course, along with a fondness for each other helps too. My husband is my best friend. ~ Michelle Gaudet 

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