Pain changes people


Pain changes people

Especially pain from those who were once the closest to you.

Emotional pain or physical pain they can both be soothed by a LOVING GOD.

One doesn’t understand if you don’t experience it. Pain mentality or physical change people.

Pain can change people into good or bad depends how they deal the situation.

Pain is a teacher, the lessons learned depends on the student. To be a victim or a victor; to be bitter or be better.

Being in chronic pain changes your whole world. Things you could do once are taken away, your independence is gone, depression sets in, and you can’t shake it. You become stronger than you ever thought you could, because you have to endure this pain. Emotional pain, changes your mind more. When trust is broken, you don’t trust anyone in your life. As you try and shake your pain, you find out things you never knew about yourself, become introspective and try and change your life. ~ Melissa Maslanka 

Pain changes a person a lot and once they do, they can never go back to the person that they used to be.

That pain make me get closer to God because every time I feel that inside my heart I just close my eyes and take the deep breath away and pray to east the pain in my heart. It helps to talk to God when you in pain. ~ Jhayjhay Barretto 

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