People who say your morals are old fashioned


People who say your morals are old fashioned

Those of us of a certain age were raised in a time when having morals went hand in hand with being successful.

Always keep an open mind and open to new ideas. There are always two points of view, Mine and Yours and we respect each others opinions and differences. ~ Ron Dickinson

We need to hold on to some of the good old stuff that has always worked to keep life in balance. Keep away with the things that are no longer working and add some of the new and innovative ideas that work well in the mix. ~ Melody Soychuk 

Respect, manners and good morals seem to be in short supply. Those of us who are lucky enough to witness a parent teaching manners to their children should have a quick, kind word of praise for the child and thanks to the parent. It’s a long road, teaching children, but the children are the winners in the end. ~ Renee Ashley 

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