People with the worst Pasts


People with the worst Pasts

What you experience can make you a better person or a bitter person, your choice. ~ Beverly Cummins 

Difficulties or mistakes in the past, when handled properly and learned from in the correct way, certainly can breed strong changes and deep convictions in people who go and live great lives afterwards. ~ Jonathan Fiorillo 

I know of many people who have come from broken homes, addictions, poverty, abuse who refused to let their past beat them down and they have completely turned their lives around and are very successful and loving people today. ~ Brigitte Nicole

My childhood was a nightmare, now my life is wonderful. I made tough choices, clawed my way out of my past, looked and worked for a happy future, kept my heart from jealousy and bitterness and unforgiveness, kept my Faith in the Lord, was grateful for any blessings, and one day I noticed that everything was better and happy and I was living a wonderful and peaceful life. ~ Puente Diane 

This is completely positively possible if you keep an open mind and heart. If you turn it all over to God or whatever your higher power may be. You’ve got to want it bad enough to surrender to your past. Leave it where it belongs (in the past) move forward with all your heart and soul, believe in yourself and most importantly, forgive yourself and learn to love yourself again. You deserve a good happy healthy life. ~ Tammy Kopp

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