Relationships last not because they were destined to last


Relationships last not because they were destined to last

Every single day, but it is a good battle with two winners. The battle is always worth it because there will always be one to fight for.

When we honor the vows we made to our spouse, family and Creator, we learn and grow together. Thereby, fortifying our own integrity as well as our marriage so we may not only face future challenges, but do so boldly, remaining resilient and prosperous.

Even if it is the “right compatible” person; healthy long-term relationships need constant maintenance and hard work. Not everyone is willing to be so hard working, but for those who do, the reward is worth all the effort and energy. ~ Ping Lew 

A best relationship is in front of whom we can cry, share our failures without the pain unlike others who will make fun of it.

The most important things are to be honest and faithful to each other, avoid secrets and lies. Do not find the qualities that your partner don’t have, do not treat your partner as you owned his life. We all know that our almighty GOD owned us. Be happy and contented for everything we have. Our partner are God’s blessing. ~ Bec Juano 

They love and care enough for eachother to never give up on eachother. Always finding ways to make it through the bad times through the strength of their love. ~ Kerrie Etty 

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