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Some people who always seem angry


Some people who always seem angry

Once upon a time, I tried to not walk away because I tried to be sympathetic, but when a person is continuously bitter, an emotional roller coaster, and abusive, it can and will hurt you if you allow them to do that to you. I say, be there for them, but be cautious. You will know when that person is not worth your energy and/or friendship., then do what is best for you because you should never allow someone else take advantage of your kindness. I walked away from giving the person the benefit of the doubt and I know my limit. There is only so much I will tolerate. You will know your limit too. ~ Diane Nolasco 

Choose carefully who you associate with in life. Choose those who choose to be uplifting not those who tear you down. I’ve been in that kind of relationship and it’s a crash waiting to happen. Actually, we need to walk away. We can still be there for them; but we can’t get torn up by them and that’s psychology and good mental health. ~ Minnie Dabney 

Some people look intelligent and always look for conflict and loopholes for every piece of work that others did. Such irritating behavior becomes their habit and always disturbing others inner peace. ~ Anita Tiramisu 

Unfortunately, our first responsibility is to ourselves and if our gut tells us to walk away then we walk away. We cannot ever rescue others and educating them is sometimes just to labor intensive. Egos are big things for some people and they have to be assuaged too much to make it worth while for me. ~ Joan Thomas 

We can’t fix people and make them happy. It comes from within and with God. When people blame others for everything, they can’t handle the truth about themselves or do not love themselves enough to forgive their own imperfections, so they try to make someone else feel guilty for it instead of fighting their own insecurities. ~ Cheryl Fanguy 

Everyone make his own choice as to actions and deeds. Others can support and be available but we should never try to fix someone or “help” them. You will only fail and feel manipulated and used. There is nothing you can do for them, except pray and be available. You can’t help them or fix them yourself. A person makes his own choice within himself without help as to outlook and actions.~ Anna Lawson 

I run from them, I don’t have the strength yet to deal with them. The negativity brings me down and I don’t or want that in my life right now. ~ Bobbi Kelly 

I feel sorry for them because it’s the only life they have. They aren’t happy unless they are creating drama of some kind or sticking their noses into things that don’t concern them. They need to keep in mind that what goes around comes around. ~ Kathy Ray 

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