Some people will have to learn how to appreciate you


Some people will have to learn how to appreciate you

Some may never appreciate you even when they’ve lost you. If you want to free someone, forgive. If you want to free yourself, forget.

A lot of people will never or rarely appreciate you. Even they lose you, they won’t care, they will just live their life happily. ~ Vitchaya Thanarojanawong 

Don’t trust or depend to anyone because even your shadow can leave you when you are in darkness. ~ Jobel Dineros 

If you don’t appreciate my presence, maybe you’ll realize in my absence.

We take too many people for granted in our lives. When they are gone we start to miss them for one reason or another and then we regret not paying attention. Shouldn’t take a person leaving your life to realize that you want them there after all. ~ Isaac Wells 

Some people make their own consequences based on choices they make, which then become repeated mistakes over many years. ~ Marilyn Carol

If their level of appreciation of you is such that they would lose you, they don’t deserve you in the first place and the lesson is yours. They always come back but that becomes irrelevant when you learn to gain your own strength. ~ Kelly Flannery 

Sometimes we walk away from the ones we think we should. Later down the road realize it wasn’t the right decision because hopefully not, but realize they did truly appreciate and care for you and find out it might be too late to get them back. ~ Jacqueline Torres

We really don’t know what we have till it is gone. All of us are guilty of that to one degree or the other. ~ Susan Salas 

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