Someone tell us everything is going to be alright


Someone tell us everything is going to be alright

I am a very strong person, but lately my life is falling apart. I need someone to hold my hand and tell me that everything is ok. The people around me don’t know how to deal with me not being strong. ~  Thressa Gardiner 

Everyone needs to feel loved and understood by the people closest to our lives, a hug full of positive energy your weekend cheerful, with respect. ~ Juan Kevalis 

It’s the people that call you to see how you are or have you come over or out with them so you won’t be sitting home alone. Even when you think you just want to be alone, they make you join them and that tells you who cares and is taking care of you. Even when you are alone, there are people thinking of you. That’s true strength. ~ Stu Russoli 

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