Standing with people who hurt you


Standing with people who hurt you

It hurts no doubt about it, but it will hurt you less if you can just try to ignore them. Smile at them and keep your distance, you know who they are and what they have done to you, so next time don’t give them any chance to hurt you. ~ Mamota Chawdhury 

If someone continuously hurts you and doesn’t try to change and make amends, it’s time to distance yourself from that person. No one should subject themselves to abuse. ~ Brigitte Nicole

There are people in this world who take what you say when you speak up (no matter how nicely) & use it to hurt you more. There are also people who just can’t hear or deal with truth & take every negative thought or feeling as a personal attack. Then, rather than having compassion for your hurt, lash out defensively rather than being concerned that they hurt you, thereby hurting you again. And there are those who are addicts &/or mentally ill who you simply cannot reason with. Sharing feelings in an abusive situation is like spitting in the wind. Ultimately, best to just get out of the way. ~ Kelley Parker 

We can’t run away forever from people. Everyone in life will hurt in one way or another. It’s just life & how it goes but how we handle that pain makes all the difference we can forgive & grow from it or let it drag us down in bitterness, depression & despair. ~ Joel Martinez 

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