The Biggest coward


The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman's love

Awakening Love is not always a deliberate action and Men Love and hurt too, life is complicated, however respect should always be part of any relationship and kindness, even if feelings aren’t reciprocal. ~ Paul Insull 

A man who proposes to a woman with no intention to get married he is fooling himself and God will punish him. KARMA. ~ Lucrecia Cuartero 

You don’t know the coward isn’t going to love you in return till its to late. By then you don’t want him out of your life. ~ Janet Anderson 

If you truly didn’t want me then you should not have moved me in. My Love was and is unconditional. ~ Joleen Larsen 

Regardless of what both man and woman do the same thing, they call themselves players they make things harder for those who want a good relationship. ~ Mervyn Goddard

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