The Greatest Gift you can give someone


The Greatest Gift you can give someone

60% give, 40% take. In a good relationship, that means 40% give, 40% take, and 20% give together. ~ Kevin Bowman 

Your gift in return is the good feeling of helping someone. You can’t control the recipients level of appreciation, but you can feel awesome about your gift. Its up to that person to receive it in the spirit it was given. ~ Stacey Samora 

We must know people are to love and things are to use. Always give with an open heart, then we won’t feel used. 

Caring is not about tangibles and certainly never expected. Knowing you’re valued as you are is the best gift ever. ~ Karyn Rose 

If I can be there for a friend just to listen at least I know I’ve helped them in some way by being there for them and just listening to what is bothering them. It makes me feel better to have listen then not. ~ Renee Novotny 

Start first of all with whom is most important in your life. Your family, mother, father and your sister and brothers. There are many people that is good with strangers and a horse with their parents. ~ Claudio Assis 

Kindness is showing love to someone, and not expecting anything in return.

You can never get back time, so many people don’t understand that it is precious.

It is time you can’t take with you when you go. So live it, experience it, and enjoy it as you share it with others. ~ Marleen Holladay  

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